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attempting to flee police
Dean Digilio from the 300 block of Warwick Ave. in Essington was charged with several offenses after an incident that began on Chester Pike and Stewart Ave. on May 24th. at 1:57 a.m.. Officer Steve Corsi was on routine patrol when he observed Digilio standing on the seat of his Honda motorcycle was it was moving. Corsi activated his lights and siren and Digilio came to a stop on the ramp of I-95 North and Stewart Ave.. As the officer was exiting his vehicle, Digilio turned around, looked at him, then took off at a high rate of speed. Digilio continued on I-95 at speeds in excess of 100 mph, then exited at exit 10. The motorcycle made its way to Scott way then to Tinicum Island Road where the operator lost control and dropped his bike in the grass. Degilio suffered minor injuries and refused to go to the hospital when Tinicum Ambulance showed up to transport him. He was then taken into custody and housed at Ridley Park Police Headquarters for the night before going before the Judge in the morning. He was charged with reckless driving, fleeing and attempting to elude police and obstruction of juctice.


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